Hilltop at sunrise

REBIRTH :: 2009 - present

If, as many agree, today's electronic dance music scene can be traced to the U.K.'s legendary Acid House Parties in the late 1980s, it is fascinating to be witness to a generational rebirth under way. As if on cue, twenty years later, droves of young people are discovering for themselves the manifold rewards of FMGs and tribal dance culture in general.

Seemingly out of thin air, DJs, producers, and promoters such as Terrakroma and Electric Cocoon are creating with a renewed energy, vision, DIY ethos, and sense of spiritual purpose. During the preceding phase, Moontribe FMGs often felt a world apart, alone in it's convictions, a perhaps soon-to-be relic of a bygone Utopian era. Yet, and always at the most needed moments, those volunteers keeping Moontribe alive would receive feedback about the vital role the FMGs were still playing in people's lives. So we kept the torch lit and now a new generation will carry it forward.

Again the desert is buzzing with music, creativity, and the power of the ancient, sacred dance. The smiles are warm and wide, hearts and hands are connected, we are unified. What does the future hold? Expect nothing . . . but know that the moonlit moment is full of magic!

March 09 morning
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