The digital era swept away the need for any physical medium for recorded music. Music and mixes can now, and often do, exist soley as digital creations. No analog synths, drum machines, turntables, mixers, or CDs (much less vinyl records or cassettes) are necessary to producing, recording, or sharing electronic music. We live in the digital age and like anything, this new reality has its upsides and downsides. Its major downside, from my perspective, is the degradation of sound quality. So much sonic atmosphere and content is missing from an mp3; it's sad to consider all the people now accustomed to substandard audio. On the other hand, the digital medium makes music widely accessible and affordable. Live mixes can be shared with ease and without negative environmental impact - the treehugger in me smiles broadly at that!

All of the digital mixes below are provided for free. If you are moved to contribute in appreciation of this music, please click here to donate. Your support helps make future mixes possible. Thank you!

Warehouse Warewolves
Live @ Warehouse Warewolves
With a few days advance notice, Terrakroma produced this packed Halloween party. My 2am set features some of my favorite deeper techno before shifting into lighter moods. (October 2013)
Moontribe July 2013 FMG
Live @ Moontribe's July 2013 FMG
Banging middle-of-the-night serious techno! I loved playing under the night sky as it changed from brooding cloud cover to completely clear and bright moonlight. (July 2013)
Tropical Hearts May 2013
Live @ Tropical Hearts
This set began as the dawn's first rays touched the dancefloor. This morning journey begins with beautiful tech-house and, as the sun rises, the energy increases with tribal and acid house. (May 2013)
Submoon in the Park - April 2013
Live @ Submoon in the Park - April 2013
Perhaps the most epic sunset dancefloor of the year. Beams of light shooting through the trees, illuminating the joyous dancers. Enjoy these closing set vibes from a day in the park that I will always cherish. (April 2013)
Moontribe October FMG 2012
Live @ Moontribe's October 2012 FMG
With a small band of dedicated Moontribers, I celebrated and honored the life of my Dad with this sunrise set. Music was central to his life and I thank him for inspiring me on my own journey with music. Thanks to my many wonderful friends who provided such good hugs! (October 2012)
Moontribe 19-Year Anniversary FMG 2012
Live @ Moontribe's 19-Year Anniversary FMG
The first half of my Eclectic, Electric, Ecliptic Full Moon set at Moontribe's 19year anniversary FMG. To those that were there, thank you for a night of joyful lunacy!! ** LIve in Love ** (June 2012)
Moontribe May FMG 2012
Live @ Moontribe's May 2012 FMG
For some, it was a heartwarming morning spent with eyes closed as the Ohm Guru intoned each note perfectly leaving us all in bliss. For others, the mythical Kraken was unleashed causing much havoc on the dancefloor. In both cases, it was a vibrant, celebratory May morning with the Moontribe family. (May 2012)
Moontribe August FMG 2011
Live @ Moontribe's August 2011 FMG
Another cycle of the moon and another journey into a deep, tribal, and psychedelic experience that keeps your body in motion. (August 2011)
Moontribe 18-Year Anniversary FMG 2011
Live @ Moontribe's 18-Year Anniversary FMG
Inspired by the amazing dancers as well as the beautiful new DJ structure designed by Michael Brown of Ten Thousand Visions, this set demanded a transcendental energy. It begins with uplifting, techy tunes, moves gradually into funky techno and culminates in intense, ecstatic techno. (June 2011)
Lightning in a Bottle - Woogie Stage 2011
Live @ Lightning in a Bottle
On a sunny Sunday afternoon, positive vibrations filled the air at the Woogie Stage. Underneath the colorful streamers blowing in the perfect breeze, hundreds of dancers got down together immersed in the pure sonic bliss of the Function One sound system. A mix of dubby, tribal, and groovy tech-house united us in joyful rhythm. (May 2011)
Moontribe Supermoon FMG, March 2011
Live @ Supermoon FMG
The wind was howling, the ice crystals were sparkling in the moonlight, Ohm Guru was frantically trying to save his equipment, I was so cold I could barely manage djing, but people (incredibly) kept rocking the dancefloor. Never was a FMG so challenging and so rewarding! So, this excerpt from my live mix at the March FMG is for everybody that kept me from running back to my car for shelter :) Supermoon in full effect! (March 2011)
Snow Moon
Live @ Snow Moon
An annual indoor event held at the infamous Area 33 studio. When Moontribe takes its Winter break, Green Sector fills the void with this jam-packed, high-energy party. This time I provided the bridge from Brian Seed's breaks into Treavor Moontribe's psytrance. Snow Moon warms our spirits in the heart of Winter. (February 2010)
Harbor Moon
Live @ Harbor Moon
Departing from the Long Beach harbor, we cruised for three hours in our floating discoteque. Produced by Willy of Electronarcosis, the music was groovy and uplifting tech-house, techno, and progressive. The family vibe raised the collective energy; it was a truely wonderful night on the water. (January 2010)
NYE FMG - day
Live @ Moontribe's NYE FMG - day
While most people had not yet arrived, the full moon peaked during this mid-morning set. To capture the moment, I played deep, tribal techno to build intensity followed by groovy, tribal tech-house to elevate the spirit. (December 2009)
NYE FMG - night
Live @ Moontribe's NYE FMG - night
After the moon peaked, we prepared for New Year's Eve and the flood of new revelers that would arrive. dela began the night by whipping the crowd into a dubstep frenzy and I followed with a rare breakbeat set. It was great to spin breaks again! Yet, even though I had spent months searching for tracks, I only had enough music for about an hour of breakbeats, at which point I made the transition into techno. (December 2009)
Live @ Fantasia
A rarity - an outdoor, all-night party not held in the desert, but in our neighboring city of Altadena. The location was the historic hillside property of a renowned local artist. The event was produced by a group of friends calling themselves Double Plus Music. I played a mix of gritty, funky techno and tech-house. Despite a sound system that was only using one stack of speakers (due to inevitable sound complaints), people were happy and the dance floor was jumping. (October 2009)
Moontribe 16-Year Anniversary - night
Live @ Moontribe 16-Year Anniversary - night
Without fail, Moontribe's anniversary events suceed in gathering together long lost friends alongside newer generations of Moontribers. After a quiet afternoon, a break in the music, and some kid-centered fun, the anticipation builds for the final night. This set helped build the energy up to the midnight hour. The clouds parted and the full moon serenely smiled down upon us; the dancefloor was kinetic and I had the joy of playing one of my favorite nighttime sets ever. (June 2009)
Moontribe 16-Year Anniversary - morning
Live @ Moontribe 16-Year Anniversary - morning
On the final morning of this two-day celebration, this set was an especially pretty and progressive one. The music was culled from months of hunting for uplifting music to reflect the beautiful heart of Moontribe. (June 2009)
From Us To You 10
From Us To You 10
In 2009, Brian Seed (a.k.a. DJ Brian) transitioned our From Us To You series to the digital realm, releasing the mix via the Internet only. (June 2009)
Moontribe 15-Year Anniversary - night
Live @ Moontribe 15-Year Anniversary - night
Moontribe marked another year of dancing under the moon with a beautiful gathering at one of our favorite spots on the east side of the Sierra Navadas. I tried to stoke the tribal energy on the dancefloor with some intense, funky techno. (June 2008)
Moontribe 15-Year Anniversary - morning
Live @ Moontribe 15-Year Anniversary - morning
Daytime dancefloors are filled with smiles and laughter as friends get down together and make memories. We marvel with every year that passes that we are still together and still dancing in the desert! This eclectic morning mix of progressive and tech-house has become a favorite amongst my friends and fans. (June 2008)