This mix is a celebration of my love for the deserts of the Southwest. It is also a token of my inspiration derived from reading Edward Abbey's Desert Solitaire. Throughout this period and still to this day, dela and I spend much of our free time hiking and camping in the almost uninterrupted open spaces found from Death Valley National Park in California to Canyonlands National Park in Utah. Here we lose ourselves in the beauty and solitude of the majestic desert. Ecstaticacti merges intense, sparse tribal techno with uplifting trance. Artwork by dela.


"... the strangeness and wonder of existence are emphasized here, in the desert, by the comparative sparsity of the flora and fauna: life is not crowded upon life as in other places but scattered abroad in spareness and simplicity, with a generous gift of space for each herb and bush and tree, each stem of grass, so that the living organism stands out bold and brave and vivid against the lifeless sand and barren rock. The extreme clarity of the desert light is equaled by the extreme individuation of desert life forms. Love flowers best in openness and freedom." — Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire


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Track listing for Ecstaticacti

  • Title / Artist / Label
  • 1. Night Creatures/ Mystic Friends / Scanner
  • 2. Firedancer / Byron Bogues / Choke Music
  • 3. Catcher / Unknown / Aquatrax
  • 4. Batschkapp Devil / Jam-San / Cry
  • 5. Space / Francis Delage / Ascend Recordings
  • 6. Telegrammatik / Atty Mezcal / Planet Vision
  • 7. Ganymede / Mark Finnie / Aquatrax
  • 8. Less Control / Noise Ltd. / Intensiv
  • 9. Electronic Affair / Paul Brtschitsch / Frisbee Tracks
  • 10. Gong Song / Deep / Spirit Zone
  • 11. Tuareg (Mirage mix) / Ricky LeRoy / Nukleuz
  • 12. Heatwave / Carsten Fietz vs. Dj Dorian / Choke Music
  • 13. Automatic / Online / Advance
  • 14. Biological Response / Blu Peter / React
  • 15. I'll Take you There (rmx) / Unity3 vs. / Polydor Ltd.
  • 16. 2 B Radiant / Byron Bogues / Choke Music